Discography - Songography
Ogden Edsl (1979) ALA Records Stereo
Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
(Featuring Dead Puppies and Kinko the Clown

Side 1
Daddy’s Money (Thieman-Ganey)
Fort Hemophilia Drive-In
Lube Job (Frenzer-Carey)
Drive-In Welcome
G.W.F. Hegel Waltz (Thieman)
Pacific Ocean-Pig pit-Jean Paul
Jamaican Holiday (Thieman-Carey)
Charnel House (Carey-Twelve)
Dead Puppies (Thieman-Frenzer)

Side 2
Kinko the Clown (Frenzer-Thieman)
FM Late night D.J.
Black Beauty (Thieman-Carey)
139 Degrees Dial-A-Vibe Holy Trinity
Russian Roulette Giveaway
Sweet Breeze
The World Is Gone (Thieman-Twelve)

Album notes: Contained within this album jacket is some of the best material from the unlimited resource of original bi-products of the absurdly intelligent minds of the O.E.W.B.E.M.B.B. Kinko the Clown is like the boy next door (sort of), Daddy’s Money is satire at its best, and not to mention Dead Puppies - the all time sing along classic Laff and cry, moan and groan; you’re really, really going to like this album. Really, really ...

The insane Darrell Wayne, KROQ-FM Radio
Los Angeles

All selections copyright - Eyes of Dawn/Screen Door
Music ASCAP 1977, 1979 Except: Dead Puppies:
Screen Door/Eyes of Dawn/ALA Music
Kinko the Clown - Eyes of Dawn/ALA Music/
Written and Performed by the Ogden Edsl:
William Carey:Guitar, Vocals, Pipe Organ.
Robert Ganey: Drums, Vocals, Rich Thieman:Bass, Piano
Bill Frenzer: Vocals, Harmonica, Trumpet
Additional Performers: Otis Twelve, Buck Weyerman, Doug Fackler, Dennis Nelson, Kelly Kotera, Lindy Fasteland, Joanne Gaughn, Jeff Garetz, Joey Auvinen.
Additional material written by: Otis Twelve, James Celer, Mary Lackner.
Executive Producer; Wade Wright
Produced by Kelly Kotera & Ogden edsl
Daddy’s Money and Kinko the Clown produced by Ogden Edsl.
Engineered by: Kelly Kotera, Mike Wambsgans, Bob Safir, Larry Villone and Byron Wagner.
Released by special arrangement with Sunburn Records.
Some material previously released by Sunburn Records.
Front Photo: Jamie McGovern
Artwork by Rhonda Voo.

Manufactured & Distributed Worldwide by ALA Enterprises, Inc. 4218 West Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, California, 90016

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